Child Protection

Child Protection

Our knowledge and experience in Child Protection law is unsurpassed. Our team of Indigenous lawyers also bring a unique perspective to the protection of children and the strengthening of families and communities.

We provide expert advice and litigation services to several child and family agencies in Manitoba. We are involved in all aspects of child protection law. Our lawyers regularly appear in court at child protection proceedings (dockets, pre-trials, motions, trials and appeals). We also provide regular legal training to front line social workers, agency management and agency board of directors.

We also conduct child abuse registration hearings, foster parent appeals and we have represented our clients at judicial inquest hearings.

Lawyers specializing in Child Protection

Luke R. Bernas
Greg A. Johnson
Shameem Koshy
Kris M. Saxberg
Shawn C. Scarcello
Harold (Sonny) Cochrane
Stacey Soldier
Alyssa Cloutier
Kate Wagar
Melissa Serbin