Class Actions

Class Actions

At Cochrane Saxberg, we understand the complexities and challenges that class actions pose to businesses, governments, and various organizations in today’s litigation-prone landscape. Our team is equipped with a strategic perspective and detailed technical expertise essential for the success in intricate class proceedings.

Our accomplished litigators bring a wealth of experience in representingour clients, along with a multitude of statutory entities, in sophisticated multi-party, representative, and mass-complaint lawsuits under class proceedings legislation. Cochrane Saxberg has been at the forefront, serving as lead counsel in landmark class action cases.

Cochrane Saxberg is a trusted name among national law firms across various jurisdictions for advice on class actions in Canada. Our lawyers are not only skilled practitioners but also thought leaders in the field, frequently contributing through writings and presentations at conferences throughout Canada.

Lawyers specializing in Class Actions

Shawn Scarcello
Harold Cochrane
Max Faille
Aaron Christoff
Jenna Goderis
Alyssa Cloutier