Indigenous Law

Indigenous Law

As one of the leading firms in Manitoba in the Indigenous Law field, we have been providing a broad range of legal services for many years. Our client relationships include Metis Nation, First Nations, education, child and family services, and health authorities, both at the Band and Tribal Council level, Indigenous business (corporate/partnership/joint venture), at the individual, Band and Tribal Council level and Mets/First Nation social, charitable and non-profit institutions.

In specific areas of law, our firm has provided the following legal services and has extensive expertise:

  • Issues under specific Treaties and the Indian Act, including land control issues, leasing, designations, permits and security on land
  • Taxation, including fuel, tobacco, retail sales and income taxes
  • Property security provisions under the Indian Act, including exemptions respecting seizure, garnishment and attachment
  • Band election and government issues
  • The creation and establishment of new Reserves and Additions to Reserves
  • The negotiation, implementation and processing of Treaty land entitlement claims, flooding claims and other land claims
  • The negotiation, development and implementation of natural resource agreements respecting forestry and hydro electric development
  • Negotiation and development of agreements between First Nations and municipalities
  • Banking and lending issues for First Nation capital corporations as well as the negotiation of loans from financial institutions to First Nations
  • Corporate and commercial advice to Metis Nation, First Nations and Tribal Councils, as well as Metis and First Nation corporations and individuals, including tax advice
  • Gaming and lottery negotiations between Manitoba and First Nations
  • Labour and employment law in representing Metis and First Nations and Tribal Councils with respect to employee complaints, federal and provincial labour board and court hearings, general advice on labour and employment matters including contracts (both employment and collective), sexual harassment and unlawful termination
  • Self Government negotiations between First Nations, Canada and Manitoba

Lawyers specializing in Indigenous Law

Brenda A. Johnston
Greg A. Johnson
Harold (Sonny) Cochrane
Shawn C. Scarcello
Robyn Fraser
Katherine Olson
Melissa Serbin
Alyssa Cloutier
Jenna Goderis
Aaron Christoff
Max Faille