Real Estate

Real Estate

First-Time Homebuyer Testimonials

The real estate process can be daunting and confusing when buying your first home. Our firm has represented many first-time home buyers and streamlined the process for our clients.

“The real estate lawyers at Cochrane Saxberg were efficient, effective, and professional. They went above and beyond our expectations of someone working with us on one of the biggest purchases in our lives. We are so grateful to have them in our corner.”


“As a first-time home buyer, working with Cochrane Saxberg made the process easy. Their lawyers were friendly, knowledgeable, and worked with me every step of the way.”


“The lawyers at Cochrane Saxberg were very easy-going and were excellent at explaining legal jargon in a way that we could understand. This made us a lot more comfortable when going through the home- buying process. If we had any questions, our lawyer was very quick to answer and never made us feel silly for the questions we were asking. I would recommend any of the real estate lawyers at Cochrane Saxberg to anyone looking to purchase a home, especially those purchasing a home for the first time.”



Cochrane Saxberg offers a full range of real estate legal services in Manitoba, including purchases, sales, and property refinances.

“Sam is amazing to work with! We’ve worked with real estate firms before where we’ve never even spoken to the lawyer; Sam takes the time to explain everything to us and to clarify any questions we might have. We have found the lawyer that we want to work with on all of our real estate files moving forward and recommend her to everyone we know.”



Whether you need a realtor, mortgage broker, or information for whom to contact at a bank or other financial institution, please let us know and we will direct you to one of our reputable contacts.


Real estate is charged at a flat fee basis and calculated based on the complexity of your file. For example, the purchase of a new home directly from a builder, which requires reviewing and negotiating the builder’s contract and arrangements for staged payments, will be more complex than a private sale between family members.

Cochrane Saxberg offers a discount on all transactions for clients referred to us by one of our trusted service providers.


For more information, contact our Real Estate Department at: 204-594-6688. Our department lead, Samantha Wong, will assess your needs and connect you with the lawyer who will assist you with your file.

Buying a Home

Navigating the housing market in Manitoba can be difficult to do alone. Realtors can assist you as a buyer by telling you what to watch for during the house-hunting process, and will assist you with negotiations when it comes time to make an offer. As a buyer, you are not responsible for the realtor’s commission, which is paid by the seller. If you would like a realtor referral, Cochrane Saxberg can provide a list of recommended realtors known for their excellent customer service.

For private purchases, our firm can assist by drafting Offers to Purchase on behalf of our clients.

Meeting with Your Lawyer

After finding your new home and signing an Offer to Purchase, your realtor will contact us with your Offer. The next step is to set up a meeting with your real estate lawyer to complete documents required for the purchase. Residential home deals are usually completed in the week leading up to possession to ensure that both parties have had a chance to exchange appropriate documents and (most importantly) keys!

The fees you pay as a buyer include various disbursements including Land Titles transfer taxes (calculated based on the sale price of the home), searches for the property, condo documents (if necessary), courier fees, printing, and title insurance (optional).

We handle your paperwork and filing matters so you can focus on enjoying the exciting time of purchasing a new home.

Selling Your Home

Are you looking to list your home? There are several selling options including private sale, independent companies (such as Purple Bricks), or realtor listing.

If you require a realtor referral, our firm has a list of excellent recommendations for realtors.

If you are contacted by a private buyer, we can draft an Offer to Purchase on your behalf; however, offers typically come from the buyer, in which case we can review any offer you may receive and provide guidance.

Meeting with Your Lawyer

Congrats on selling your home!

The fees you pay as a seller include realtor commission fees (calculated based on the sale price of the home), mortgage discharge amounts as set by your lender, searches for the property, condo documents (if necessary), courier fees, and printing. Our legal fees are deducted from the proceeds from the sale of the home, which means we do not require payment of a retainer fee to provide services.

You will receive funds from the sale of your home a few weeks after closing, as additional time is required for our firm to pay on your behalf any outstanding encumbrances on the property, including mortgages, taxes, and anything else registered against the property. Once all payments have been completed you will receive a reporting package containing a cheque for the balance of the sale proceeds and original documents related to the sale of the home.

“Sam was an absolute delight. She made everything super easy for us to understand while going through what felt like a novel of documents. She went above and beyond when we were having issues with the bank providing a certified cheque. She helped out after when the sellers’ lawyer did not pay the property tax on time, and when I had a near heart attack at the thought of being late. She was fun to deal with, and I couldn’t praise the work she does enough!”


Meet Your Lawyers

Samantha Wong

Samantha Wong

Samantha Wong is an associate specializing in real estate law, wills and estates, and family law. She is the head of both the Real Estate and Wills and Estates Departments at Cochrane Saxberg. She has a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) in International Business and Supply Chain Management, and a Master of Business Administration in Lean Management and Consulting. When she is not working she enjoys participating in circus arts, such as aerial silks and aerial hoop, volleyball, reading, and spending time with her dog, Yuna.

Brianna Bogucki

Brianna Bogucki

Brianna Bogucki is an associate practicing primarily in the areas of child protection and real estate law. Brianna has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons., First Class) in Psychology, and has appeared before multiple levels of court in Manitoba. In her free time Brianna enjoys camping, hiking and canoeing, travelling, and indoor gardening.

Robyn Fraser

Robyn Fraser

Robyn Fraser is an associate practicing primarily in the areas of Indigenous law and real estate law. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (with distinction) in Psychology. Outside of work, Robyn has enjoyed travelling across the world and has a passion for sports, including hockey, soccer, skiing, and golf.

Alyssa Cloutier

Alyssa Cloutier

Alyssa Cloutier is an associate who practices family law, real estate law, wills and estates, civil litigation, and employment law. Alyssa has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Psychology. Alyssa enjoys hiking, soccer, softball, and paddle-boarding with her dog, Marner.

Josh Micflikier

Josh joined Cochrane Saxberg as an articling student on June 7, 2021, following his graduation from the Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba. Prior to attending law school, Josh obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a minor in Psychology from the University of Manitoba.


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